Last Updated: 21st February 2024

To access the temple of the Angkor Archaeological Park, each visitor is required to purchase an Angkor Ticket.

The Angkor Ticket has three different prices:

Can I buy my Angkor Ticket online?

Yes, you can purchase your ticket via this link:

Step 1: Register a new account. Head over to the website and click ‘Buy tickets’ on the top left. This will take you to the ticket portal. Hit ‘Register here’ to set up a new account. Enter your name, gender, email address, and set a password. You will then be prompted to confirm your registration using the link sent to your inbox.

Step 2: Log into the platform. Once you’re in, select your pass: Angkor World Heritage or Koh Ker Temple (see below for a full list of temples included under the first pass). On the next screen, you will choose your pass type (1, 3 or 7 days) and your desired entry date. Note that you can only select a date within the next 30 calendar days.

Step 3: Enter your details. These are the details that will be printed on your physical pass. Indicate your gender, age group (adolescent, adult or elderly), and your nationality.

Step 4: Upload a photo. On this screen, you also need to upload a headshot. The photo must be full colour and good resolution, with your face clearly visible. After you hit upload, you will have an opportunity to crop it to size (1:1 ratio). If the photo is no good, you will get the error message ‘No face detected’. The platform is a bit finicky, so you might have to try a few different photos. Don’t try to upload a very large file size – I used a 6 KB jpeg.

Step 5: Add extra tickets (optional). If you’re buying multiple tickets, you can add an extra person using the green + sign. Repeat the process described above for each additional person. There is nowhere to input the ticket holder’s name, so I assume this data gets added later.

Step 6: Confirm your details and pay. Once you confirm all your details you will prompted to make online payment via the ABA Bank Cambodia payway. Visa, Mastercard, JBC and UnionPay are all accepted.

Step 7: Print or save your pass. On the day you visit, you will need to show your pass (digital or hard copy) to enter the park. Note that you do not need to go to the ticket desk, you can proceed directly to any checkpoint entrance. Be sure to read all the instructions and terms of service printed on your ticket so you know exactly how to redeem your pass.

Where is the Angkor Ticket Office and what are the opening times?


CLICK HERE to view the location of the Angkor Ticket Office in Google Maps. It is a 5/10 minute tuk-tuk ride from Siem Reap city centre.

Angkor Ticket Center (Angkor Enterprise): Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm

Important: Make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered when purchasing the ticket. Otherwise, you may not get one.

The one-day ticket counters are located on the right-hand side of the Angkor Ticket Center. This is also where you will find the largest number of people.

The counters for the 3-day tickets are in the middle and those for the 7-day tickets are on the left.

A photo of you will be taken at the counter.

Which temples can you visit with the Angkor Ticket?

The Angkor Pass covers two dozen or so temples, gates, palaces and terraces including Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Pre Rup, Ta Prohm, Bayon, Angkor Thom – and many more.

In January 2020, Beng Melea Temple (60km / 75 mins from Siem Reap) was also added to the Angkor Pass, meaning you no longer require a separate ticket to visit.

The only sites near Siem Reap that are not included in the Angkor Pass are:

Phnom Kulen Mountain (60km / 2 hrs from Siem Reap) – costs 20 USD
Koh Ker Archaeological Site (115km / 2.5 hrs from Siem Reap) – costs 15 USD

Temples further afield including Preah Vihear and Banteay Chhmar are not included either and require separate tickets.

How can I pay for my Angkor Ticket?

Cash is accepted at the Angkor Ticket Office.

Payment with Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, Discover and Diners Club is accepted.

What are the opening times for the temples?

  • Angkor Wat and Srah Srang: Daily from 5.00am until 5.30pm.
  • Phnom Bakheng and Pre Rup: Daily from 5.00am until 7pm.
  • All other Temples: Daily from 7.30am until 5.30pm. (Except for Phnom Kulen and Beng Mealea. you will need to buy an extra ticket to visit these.)

Are there any discounts for children?

Yes, for children younger than 12 is free but you are required to show their passport as proof.

There is no discount for students.

Which Angkor Ticket should I buy?

Most visitors usually just opt for a 1-day pass as most people only stay in Siem Reap for a couple of days and a 1-day pass is usually enough. This will allow you enough time to see the main temples in the complex such as doing the small circuit tour which takes you to Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm. You can also see the sunset at either Srah Srang or Phnom Bakheng.

If you purchase your pass after 5pm, it can be used for the sunset on that day without being counted as used. You can then use it for the full day the following day.

If you want to spend a few extra days exploring some of the lesser-known temples (and there are many), you might want to opt for a 3-day pass. This will give you ample time to see all the main temples and some other temples on the Grand Circuit, such as Preah Khan, Banteay Prei, Neak Pean, Ta Som, East Mebon and others.

For those visitors who want to explore the temples and have a lot of time on their hands, you can opt for a 7-day pass. You will have plenty of time to visit each temple in detail and get off the beaten track to some of the lesser-known temples.

Is there any other important information I must know?


  • The Angkor pass is not transferable to another person.
  • Very important: Be careful not to lose your Angkor Pass whilst you are on the Angkor site. The penalties are severe. If you lose a 1-day ticket, the penalty is $ 100. The loss of a 3-day ticket will cost you $ 200, and a 7-day ticket will cost you $ 300.

Angkor Ticket and Sam Veasna Conservation Tours

Sam Veasna Conservation Tours (SVC) wants to give you the best value for your tour.

We do not want to charge you extra if you already have a valid Angkor Ticket nor do we want to charge an additional markup to get a ticket you will need to physically purchase anyway.

Therefore the tours below REQUIRE an Angkor Pass but SVC DO NOT include the price of the Angkor Ticket in the following tours:

We would highly recommend that you purchase the ticket online or at the ticket office the day before. Once you have a valid Angkor Ticket, we can get straight into the tour. 

Some of our tours have options for an early pick-up if you want to purchase the ticket on the day. These pick-ups are usually at 4:45 am to get to the ticket office before the large queues form for sunrise.