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Giant Ibis
Giant Ibis (ត្រយងយក្ស ឬ ឪលើក) is the national bird of Cambodia, and is considered the worlds most critically endangered bird. Seen mainly as single or pairs around forest pools feeding on frogs, insects and eels in the dry season The local name for Giant Ibis in Preah Vihear is ‘aoleuk’ after it’s mournful call. The call of Giant Ibis is linked to a folk legend associating the species as the reincarnation of children abandoned in the forest calling for their parents (‘ao’) to lift them (‘leuk’) from the mud. SVC, IBIS Rice and Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia (WCS) are working together on a variety of projects with local communities in order to preserve this species. Each Giant Ibis nest is protected by WCS's Nest Protection Program. To find out more please contact us.
Scientific Name: Pseudibis gigantea
IUCN Red List Classification: Critically Endangered
Estimated number: 194 (Number of Mature Individuals - Global)
January to April is the recommended time of the year to see this bird
It is recommended that you will need to allow 1-3 days to see this bird

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