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Red-headed Vulture
Red-headed Vulture (ត្មាតភ្លើង) is a residents in the Northern Plains of Cambodia with some seen along the Mekong River. The rapid decline of this species is a result of a result of residues of the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac used to treat domestic livestock. A large part of the population now relies on the Supplemental Feeding Program at Beong Toal Vulture Restaurant. This is organised by the Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia (WCS).
Scientific Name: Sarcogyps calvus
IUCN Red List Classification: Critically Endangered
Estimated number: 2,500-9,999 (Number of Mature Individuals - Global)
All year round is the recommended time of the year to see this bird
It is recommended that you will need to allow 1-2 days to see this bird

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