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WINGS Birding Tours Worldwide 14 Day Tour- December 1st to December 14th 2019

We ended up with a great list of exciting birds on our thirteenth Cambodia tour ranging from the enigmatic Giant Ibis, strutting Bengal Floricans, the rare and gorgeous White-rumped Falcon, the endemic Mekong Wagtail, down to the tiny and only recently discovered Cambodian Tailorbird. Some other stars included a fabulous pair of Milky Storks, multiple sightings of the very cute Collared Falconets that popped up and posed for us, some neat owls – Spotted Wood Owl, Oriental Bay Owl and Spotted Owlets, and a remarkable eleven species of woodpecker. Most exciting of all, though, was a Giant Ibis with chick! Our visit to the vulture restaurant with three species seen incredibly well was definitely memorable, too. On the passerine front, we also had a lot of fun with some notable species including Cambodian Tailorbird, Racket-tailed Treepie, brilliant Red-billed Blue Magpies, a little group of spritely Chestnut-headed Babblers, White-throated Rock-Thrush, and some very pretty sunbirds and flowerpeckers.

Sam Veasna Center at the British Birdfair 2019

Sam Veasna Center (SVC) were honoured to represent Cambodia birding at the annual British Birdfair from the 16th to 18th August 2019. The British Birdfair was particularly unique...

Top 8 Tips for Birding in Cambodia

1) Take your time – don’t rush. By walking slowly you will see more birds, especially the quiet or skulking ones. 2) Make sure to listen for birds calling. These records are as...

The IBIS Rice Story

For generations, farmers have worked the land around these forests. Many of the people who live here are a mixture of indigenous peoples and those forced to transfer from cities...