Unique opportunity to work with a world leading, award-winning Cambodian eco-tourism operation, that is a pioneer in working in protected areas to link international tourism with wildlife conservation and community development.

Overview of the Project

Duration: Flexible based on accessibility of the site and community and input from the wider project; estimate – maximum 6 months starting December 2021

Location: Tmat Boey, Preah Vihear, Cambodia

Application Deadline: December 5th 2021. Deadline extended to December 21st 2021

Send Application to: https://share.hsforms.com/1Jwlhrf_IQ3aOrH962QKajQ3pims

Documents to include in application: portfolio, cover letter, descriptions of relevant team and experience, indicative rates for design services


The service provider is required to have extensive experience in design and architectural services as well as managing engineering, quantity surveying and construction costings. Preferably the service provider has experience in working with clients / projects in Cambodia that involve:

(a) Complex interests and considerations such as cultural, environmental and budgetary

(b) liaising with multiple stakeholders on both pre-design input and feedback on initial concepts and subsequent draft designs. The service provider will have the capacity to work in seamlessly in English and Khmer.


1. Development of design brief based on stakeholder and community consultation.

The service provider will contribute to the agenda for the visioning meeting with Tmat Boey community and interact with the community to understand their perspective, aspirations, concerns. From this the service provider will develop a design brief to be presented back to SVC and all stakeholders.

2. Development of three visual concepts based on the agreed brief

Three visual concepts that speak to the design brief will be developed and presented to SVC, the community and other stakeholders. The three visual concepts will be discussed and this feedback will be incorporated into the chosen design direction. The service provider will indicate construction cost considerations at this point as part of the evaluation process.

3. Develop final design direction and site plan

Incorporating feedback from the 3 visual concepts a final design direction and site plan will be developed. This will go through at least three rounds of feedback and revision before becoming final.

4. Technical drawings, engineering plans

Based on final design direction and site plan technical drawings will be developed including water, power and sanitation plans. These drawings will be accompanied with full quantity assessment of required materials.

5. Final designs, technical drawing, specifications and indicative costings

The service provider will arrange quotations from three separate contractors and organize review meetings with those contractors and SVC management. Based on those meetings there will be one final round of revisions on the technical drawings and specifications based on feedback from prospective contractors. The service provider will provide indicative costing for the project with sensitivities that speak to: material choice, number of buildings, use of local labor and materials. The service provider is not liable for actual cost outcomes of the project as long as assumptions are made based on best and reasonable quotes and understanding at that point in time


1. Final design brief based on stakeholder and community consultation
2. Three visual concepts based on agreed brief
3. Final direction and site plan
4. Technical drawings and engineering plans
5. Final designs, technical drawing, specifications and costings

How to Apply

To apply for this project, please visit our application portal link:


To complete this application, we will require the following documentation:

  • Cover Letter. Describe why you company would be best suited to complete this project.
  • Portfolio. This should include all recent and relevant work with references. If the portfolio file is toolarge for our application portal, please send to arthursim@samveasna.com.
  • Descriptions of relevant team and experience. Include descriptions and any relevant information about the team or individual assigned to this project.
  • Indicative budget and rates for design services. One page.
  • Project approach. Describe in one page how you would approach the deliverable for this project.

Application Deadline: December 5th 2021. Deadline Extended to 21st December 2021