Cambodia’s birds need your support!

Donate to Sam Veasna Conservation Tours and help protect critically endangered bird species in Cambodia today


28 endangered species | 7 Critically Endangered Species | 2 Endemic Species


Give back to the local community to provide alternative livelihoods

Our mission

Sam Veasna Conservation Tours mission it to provide local communities with a sustainable livelihood from international tourists who visit these sites for birding and wildlife watching. Today, we are offering you a way to join our journey in protecting Cambodia’s critically endangered species. In these uncertain times, it has never been more important to donate to conservation efforts in Cambodia as poaching activities are on the rise in the wake of COVID-19. We want you to contribute towards the projects that you are most passionate about, here are the three options: 

$8 a day to protect one Giant Ibis nest, the most critically endangered bird in Cambodia. The equivalent of a coffee for two.

$25 to educate one child about wildlife awareness. The equivalent of a meal for two.

 $50 to fund a wildlife patrol on the frontline of Cambodia’s protected areas. The equivalent of a new pair of shoes.

  1. SVC Tours Donation. This money will continue to improve tour infrastructure, train our amazing guides so they can continue to provide a world-class birding experience and promote sustainable ecotourism in Cambodia.


  2. Wildlife Conservation Society Projects. Donate to WCS projects on the frontline of conservation efforts. These six projects continue to be critical for protecting some of the most critically endangered bird and wildlife species across Cambodia.


  3. SVC and Local Community Projects. SVC only works with communities that are committed to conservation. These communities are often some of the poorest in Cambodia. These specific projects are chosen by communities to improve the livelihoods of all.

The SVC Model

Revenue generated from our tours is used in many unique ways to conserve Cambodia’s threatened wildlife and help to promote sustainable community growth.

Make a donation

Since 1999, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been at the forefront of conservation efforts in Cambodia. Now you can help WCS by donating to critical projects on the frontline of conserving Cambodia’s critically endangered birds and wildlife.

Prek Toal Community Rangers

From Poachers to Nest Protectors- protect Southeast Asia’s largest waterbird colonies.

Nest Protection Program

Sponsor a critically endangered Giant Ibis nest today and help protect Cambodia’s national bird!

Camera Traps Cambodia

Camera traps: a window into a hidden world

Cambodia Vulture Census

This census records the population location and trends and are critical for conservation efforts to preserve these critically endangered species.

Wildlife Habitat Community Patrols

Fund local community patrol to protect Cambodia’s endangered wildlife

Wildlife Awareness Material for Local Schools

Donate to educate one child about wildlife awareness in Cambodia

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