Unique wildlife, stunning scenery, 
historic temples, loving people.

See a different side to that country that is home to Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world

Cambodia is a diverse country with a deep fascinating history and vibrant culture.  Home to over a dozen critically engaged species of wildlife and diverse habits from the white sand beaches of the south to the pine covered forests of the northern border. Cambodia proivdes a truly uniqu adventure. 

Giant Ibis- The worlds most endangered bird

Sam Veasna Centre

We have been running birding and wildlife trips to some of Cambodia’s most remote and untouched areas since 2006.

We will introduce you to local people and their cultures in places that are “off the beaten track” in wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas. You will be able to explore hidden temples, sleep in ancient forests and witness some of the rarest wildelife in the world.

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

Our English speaking guides are on hand with a wealth of knowledge and experience to take care of every aspect of your trip. 

Whether you want to join one of our set itineraries to create your own unique experience we can take care of all the arrangeents from the moment you land in the country to the moment you depart.


Endangered Primates and Forest Trekking

Travel from mysterious outlying temples teeming with birds and butterflies, to the heart of the remote Kulen Prontep Wildlife Sanctuary. This unique short tour uncovers sights few get to see.

Rainforest Wildlife and Bunong Culture

Spend your days trekking through lush, mixed evergreen forest on the hunt for endangered primates and unique forest wildlife; visit spectacular remote waterfalls and sample local Bunong food cooked fresh in the forest.

Wild Temples and Critical Wildlife

This overnight safari camping tour brings together pre-Angkorian culture at mysterious outlying forest temples, and Cambodia’s most Critically Endangered wildlife.

Rainforest Primates, Birding and Elephant Conservation

Wake up to the eerie call of the Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon, spot the charismatic Black-shanked Douc Langur, and track the footprints of the endangered Asian Elephant, Bears, Banteng and Gaur.

Ethical Tourism

Wildlife protection

We work with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Cambodian Government on a number of projects to reduce poaching and support Cambodia’s endangered wildlife.

Community Engagement

Working alongside communities we train and employ locals, as well as funding community infrastructure projects. Since 2015 over $30,000 has been donated. 


We teach local’s ethical farming and forestry practises that help to sustain the environment. As well as providing training in tourism. 

What Our Guests Say


We have just returned from Cambodia and used guides from SVC to visit remote eco lodges. The trip was superb and the expertise of both the Sam Veasna guides and local guides from the communities were second to none.

– Clive J


Our local tour guide took us here as he promised that we would love the trip. And of course it exceed my exceptions. We saw hundred birds which we have never seen in Europe before. Very natural and conservative place to see!

– Marcus


SVC is a great organization that works hard to conserve the environment and protect Cambodia’s numerous species of endangered birds. They also give back to the local communities that we visited, and provide work for local people. Most of the meals that SVC provided were cooked by local women, and gave us a taste of Cambodian home-cooking we wouldn’t have be able to get elsewhere. Everything was delicious! 

– Daisy, Lane & Paul

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