Rainforest Primates, Birding and Elephant Conservation

Track the footprints of the endangered Asian Elephant, Bears, Banteng and Gaur



4 Days



All year

Peak season


Starting Point

Sen Monorom

Wake up to the eerie call of the Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon, spot the charismatic Black-shanked Douc Langur, and track the footprints of the endangered Asian Elephant, Bears, Banteng and Gaur whilst being part of essential wildlife conservation in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary and supporting the indigenous Bunong Community. Explore the forest’s incredible bird life, whilst wandering through Bunong farms and sampling the now legendary Bunong bamboo soup, cooked up in the forest for lunch.

Spend your nights sleeping in our comfortable jungle safari camp, after relaxing over sundowners and a home-cooked dinner in our open Bamboo Lounge. All this is combined with a visit to the world famous Elephant Valley Project (EVP) – the world famous Elephant Sanctuary.

What’s included?


Entry & admission fees

All entry and admission fees to parks.



Accommodation is provided at all of our sites.


Guide Fees

You will have a dedicated tour guide for the five days.


All Transport

All of your transport throughout the trip including transfers.



Water will be provided to you throughout the trip.


All Meals

You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner .

Reusable Bottle

SVC Refill not Landfill reusable water bottle for multi-day trips.

Conservation Contributions

SVC will contribute part of the trip cost towards conservation.

City Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation and dinner in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sen Monorum. SVC can organise this if requested.


Trip Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you travel with insurance.



A hand wash laundry service can be provided with additional charges, depending on availability.


Tip or gratuity

It is your own decision should you wish to tip staff.


Wifi not available outside of major cities and towns.


Subject to change depending on seasons and personal requests

05:00 – Pick up from your hotel in Sen Monorom and drive to Jahoo Gibbon Camp

06:00 – Breakfast when we arrive at Jahoo Gibbon Camp
After breakfast we begin our all-day trek. We will spend the whole day trekking through this stunning rainforest habitat, tracking endangered Black-shanked Doucs, Gibbons, Black Giant Squirrel and other endangered species. We can choose routes based on fitness and interests – stopping at butterfly-filled waterfalls, discovering Bunong Spirit Trees, farms and stories.

12:00 – Lunch
Lunch is in the forest on traditional Bunong ‘Bamboo Soup’.

13:30 – Wildlife Trek
Continue our wildlife trek through Keo Siema Wildlife Sanctuary on a different trail.

17:00 – Return to camp
Return to camp for dinner and relaxation. In the evening, relax in our open lounge listening to the gibbons, and watching a vast array of birds and butterflies whilst learning about traditional culture and games.

05:30 – Morning Trek
Wake up and trek. Rising before dawn, we head out to the key Gibbon Area with the WCS Bunong Gibbon Researchers. These elusive critically endangered primates including Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbons and Black Shanked Douc. This is a relatively short trek, close to the camp, moving quickly and quietly.

07:00 – Breakfast
Breakfast in the forest. We will continue our trek after breakfast.

12:00 – Return to the camp for lunch
Return to the camp for lunch.

14:00 – Explore local forest and farms
Head back out into the forest and Bunong farms for wildlife and bird watching.

17:00 – Return to the camp for dinner and relaxation
Return to camp for dinner and relaxation.

05:30 – Optional morning activities
You have the option to wake early to trek around Jahoo Gibbon Camp in pursuit of the Gibbons before dawn. You can also explore a variety of forest routes to waterfalls, trek through farms and to the sacred Bunong sites, or to just relax and take it easy around the camp! Breakfast will be provided for you in the forest or at camp.

12:00 – Lunch
Lunch at Jahoo Gibbon Camp

13:30 – Dak Dam
After lunch we head out to Dak Dam – a new site for birdwatching near Sen Monorom with incredible opportunities to see Black Eagles, Pale-capped Pigeon, Black-throated Sunbirds and more.

17:00 – Return to hotel for dinner and rest
Return you to your Sen Monorom hotel for the night.

06:30 – Elephants
Meeting early at the Hefalump Café – the hub for Responsible Tourism in Mondulkiri, we will hand you over to the wonderful Elephant Valley Project team.

This world famous Elephant Sanctuary is an essential visit to anyone coming to Mondulkiri and Seima, giving you the chance to get up close to rescued Elephants.

You can find out more about the Elephant Valley Project here [http://www.elephantvalleyproject.org/].

12:00 – Lunch at the Elephant Sanctuary

13:30 – Elephant Sanctuary
Continue exploring the Elephant Sanctuary

17:00 – Return to hotel
Return to your hotel in Sen Monorom.


TitleAddress Description
Sen Monorom
Krong Saen Monourom, Cambodia
Unnamed Road, Cambodia
Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary (KSWS)
Srae Preah, Cambodia
Dak Dam
Unnamed Road, Cambodia

Things to note


4*4 Car

When to go

All year round. Best time is from November to May.


Jahoo Gibbon Camp
Endangered: Green Peafowl. 
Near Threatened: Orange-necked Partridge, Germain’s Peacock Pheasant, Great Hornbill.
Near Endemic: Bar-bellied Pitta 

Dak Dam
Vulnerable: Pale-capped Pigeon 


Jahoo Gibbon Camp
Lowland evergreen forest on low hills. Some areas support large-stemmed bamboo species.

Dak Dam
Hill evergreen forest.

Things to bring

  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Appropriate closed-toe shoes. Walking boots are best
  • Light clothing covering shoulders and knees- this is especially relevant when visiting temples and religious sites. Clothing should not be bright when birding
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproof coat
  • Small denominations of money. This is especially relevant when entering Northern Cambodia. $20 is the maximum denomination of money that should be taken
  • Binoculars. SVC charge $5 per person per day to use our Swarovski Optik binoculars
  • Ear plugs are recommended for multi-day tours. The sound of nature at night in remote areas can be loud

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