This webpage offers you a step by step instruction on how to input Promo or Gift codes when you book a tour with Sam Veasna Conservation Tours.

Before you start trying to input your Promo or Gift code, please make sure you know the following about your Promo or Gift code:

  • The tours that the code applies to.
  • Booking validity. Date range the code can be used to book your tour.
  • Travel validity. Date range for the start of the tour that this code applies for.



Tours this can be used for: All half or one day tours departing from Siem Reap.
Booking Validity: 9th November to 30th December.
Travel Validity: 10th November to 31st December.

This means you can book a tour on December 30th for a start date on December 31st BUT you won’t be able to book a tour on December 31st for a tour starting on January 1st and beyond.

STEP 1: On your selected tour page, add the number of participants, select the date for your tour and press “Checkout”.

You will not see a option to input a Promo or Gift code at this stage so the price will remain unchanged.

Once you press “Checkout”, you will be taken to the Order Summary. This is where you can input your Promo or Gift code in the Cart Summary.



STEP 2: In Cart Summary located on the right side of the page, select Promo or Gift Code, input the code and press “Apply”.

Promo codes will come from online promotions e.g. facebook or email. Gift Code will be from physical gift cards.

Please make sure that the code is correctly input. A message will apear if this has not been done correctly. 

STEP 3: Confirmation that the code has worked.

When you press “Apply”, the cart summary will automatically change the price with the discount amount. This will be clearly shown and you can continue with your booking with the updated price.

Contact if you need clarification for any of these processes.