Koh Ker
SVC tours that visit this location:Koh Ker, Beng Mealea Forest Temples, Cambodian Culture and Wildlife Adventure
Date: December 30th 2019Guide: Sarom RethDuration: 6 hours
1Feral Pigeon3
2Spotted Dove2
3Zebra Dove2
4Greater CoucalVocalise
5Green-billed Malkoha2
6Asian KoelVocalise
7Plaintive CuckooVocalise
8Brown-backed Needletail2
9Germain’s Swiftlet1
10Asian Palm-Swift1
11Crested Treeswift6
12Little Egret2
13Chinese Pond Heron2
14Crested Serpent-Eagle1
16Asian Barred Owlet1
17Eurasian Hoopoe1
18White-throated Kingfisher1
19Green Bee-eater2
20Blue-tailed Bee-eater9
21Indochinese Roller2
22Coppersmith BarbetVocalise
23Lineated BarbetVocalise
24Grey-capped Woodpecker2
25Common Flameback2
26Grey-headed Woodpecker1
27White-rumped Falcon2
28Blossom-headed Parakeet2
29Red-breasted Parakeet2
30Small Minivet10
31Scarlet Minivet2
32Brown-rumped Minivet2
33Large Cuckooshrike1
34Black-naped Oriole1
35Large Woodshrike2
36Common Woodshrike4
37Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike8
38Common Iora1
39White-browed Fantail1
40Black Drongo1
41Ashy Drongo2
42Greater Racket-tailed Drongo3
43Black-naped Monarch3
44Brown Shrike1
45Burmese Shrike3
46Large-billed Crow 3
47Dark-necked Tailorbird 1
48Barn Swallow 2
49Black-crested Bulbul2
50Sooty-headed Bulbul3
51Yellow-vented Bulbul2
52Yellow-browed Warbler2
53Radde’s Warbler1
54Dusky Warbler2
55Pale-legged Leaf Warbler1
56White-crested LaughingthrushVocalise
57Common Hill MynaVocalise
58Great Myna1
59Asian Brown Flycatcher1
60White-rumped Shama2
61Hainan Blue Flycatcher1
62Indochinese Blue Flycatcher1
63Verditer Flycatcher1
64Taiga Flycatcher1
65Pied Bushchat1
66Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker1
67Ruby-cheeked Sunbird1
68Brown-throated Sunbird1
69Purple Sunbird1
70Olive-backed Sunbird1
71Blue-winged Leafbird1
72House SparrowVocalise
73Eurasian Tree SparrowVocalise