Cardamom Mountains and Southern Cambodia

Cambodia’s largest mountain range is found in the southwest corner of the country. Access to the higher elevations is limited, but can be reached by arranging a trek with SVC. A walk into the mountains provides an opportunity to bird in a variety of different forest types, including deciduous, semi-evergreen and montane forests.

Phnom Aural is the highest peak in the country at over 1800 meters.

A climb up Aural gives the birder a chance to spend time in some of the country’s best montane forest habitat. A unique suite of birds are found here including the endemic Cambodian Laughingthrush. The near-endemic Chestnut-headed Partridge is common here. Unique races that are likely splits include the White-tailed Robin and Blue-winged Siva. Rusty-naped Pitta, rare in Cambodia has been recorded near the summit.

This is an undertaking for birders who are fit and willing to embark on an adventure. It requires three days at a very minimum to reach Aural and then climb it. Obviously more time on the mountain yields more birds.


Cooler and drier during December-April. Otherwise often very wet. Birds are easiest to see during the dry season.


Lowland and hill evergreen forest, stunted or montane forest on some plateau.

Planning a trip

It is recommended to allow 3-7 days to experience this location.

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