Phnom Krom
Siem Reap Province

This site is just a quick 30 minute ride from Siem Reap, reachable by tuk-tuk, bicycle or auto. We bird the variety of habitats near the solitary peak that is crowned by a pre-Angkorian temple. Phnom Kroam sits on the edge of Tonle Sap lake and overlooks rice paddies, lotus ponds, open water and floodplain scrub habitat.

It is perfect for a half day adventure, either starting at dawn with the flights of egret and storks or later in the afternoon as the day cools down. A variety of water birds are seen here, including herons, bitterns, rails and ducks. If water levels are good, waders can be found in numbers and variety. During dry season (Nov-Apr), Bluethroat, Siberian Rubythroat and a variety of wintering warblers can be found.

A typical trip brings 50 to 60 species over a 3 hour period. Similar areas nearby are sometimes used if conditions warrant. These include the paddies and scrub beyond Chereav and the Wat Chedai area.


Accessible all year, with a turnover of species throughout the year.


Rice paddies, scrub and a variety of freshwater wetlands, depending on the season.

Planning a trip

It is recommended to allow half a day or a full day to experience this location.
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