Northern Plains 3 Day Birding & Temple Tour

Discover spectacular birdlife and an ancient marvel of Cambodia on a 3 day Northern Plains adventure!


6th-8th March 2021



3 Days

Starting Point

Tbeng Mencheay (Preah Vihear City)



Cambodia is the last stronghold of a set of magnificent birds that are now so globally rare they are considered Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. This tour is a superb opportunity, not just to see these incredible species, but by supporting SVCs work with community-based conservation to give them a chance of continued survival.

Most of the bird watching takes place in an open dry forest, a beautiful habitat in which to watch birds. Two nights will be at a purpose-built community ecolodge. You will also get to see Preah Vihear Temple on the Cambodia-Thailand border which is one of Cambodia’s greatest marvels. 


What’s included?


Entry & admission fees

All entry and admission fees are included in the price.


Guide Fees

You will have a dedicated tour guide for the entire trip.



Water will be provided to you throughout the trip.



Accommodation is provided at all of our sites.


Binoculars & Scopes

Use of our Swarovski Optik binoculars & scopes


All Meals

You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


All Transport

All of your transport throughout the trip including transfers.



A hand wash laundry service can be provided with additional charges, depending on availability.


Trip Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you travel with insurance.


Tip or gratuity

It is your own decision should you wish to tip staff.


Wifi not available outside of major cities and towns.


Subject to change depending on seasons and personal requests

Day 1:


05:30 – Pick Up

Pick-up at Ly Hout Guesthouse and visit Preah Vihear Temple


09:30 – Preah Vihear Temple

Arrive at Preah Vihear Temple


14:30 – Leave for Tmat Boey

After lunch at Preah Vihear Temple, we will leave for Tmat Boey Ecolodge


17:30 – Arrive at Tmat Boey

Ecolodge Accommodation and dinner will be ready on arrival. This is a time to relax and enjoy the protected forest of Preah Vihear.

Day 2:


04:30 - 18:00 – Wake up for Giant Ibis and Full Day of Birdwatching

Prepared breakfast and lunch will be provided in at the birding sites. Hot dinner at the eco-lodge in the evening.

Day 3:

Tmat Boey


04:30 – Wake up for last morning of birding in Tmat Boey

Prepared breakfast will be provided. We will be concentrating on anything that we have not already seen before we travel to Tbeng Meanchey.


11:00 – Lunch at Tmat Boey Ecolodge


12:00 – Arrive back in Tbeng Meanchey

Arrive back at Ly Hout Guesthouse and depart. 


TitleAddress Description
Tbeng Meanchey (Preah Vihear City)
Tbaeng Meanchey, Cambodia
Tmat Boey
Tmatboey Community Managed Ecolodge, Tmat Paeuy, Cambodia
Preah Vihear Temple
៦២, Cambodia

Things to note


Tuk-tuk or 4*4 Car with Walking Tractor


Lowland deciduous dipterocarp forest, often mistakenly referred to as dry forest. Trapeangs dot the landscape and there are fairly extensive areas of bamboo in riverine areas.

Things to bring

  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Appropriate closed-toe shoes. Walking boots are best
  • Light clothing covering shoulders and knees- this is especially relevant when visiting temples and religious sites. Clothing should not be bright when birding
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproof coat
  • Small denominations of money. This is especially relevant when entering Northern Cambodia. $20 is the maximum denomination of money that should be taken
  • Ear plugs are recommended for multi-day tours. The sound of nature at night in remote areas can be loud

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