Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary
SVC Tours that visit this location:Tonle Sap Waterbirds and Floating Village Adventure
Date: December 23rd 2019Guide: Sophear SomrichDuration: 5 hours
1Indian Spot-billed Duck12
2Feral PigeonMany
3Greater Coucal3
4Green-billed Malkoha2
5Plaintive Cuckoo6
6Germain’s SwiftletMany
7Asian Palm-SwiftMany
8Black-winged StiltMany
9Spotted Redshank3
10Marsh Sandpiper3
11Wood Sandpiper4
12Whiskered TernMany
13Asian OpenbillMany
14Lesser Adjutant 12
15Greater Adjutant 4
16Milky Stork3
17Milky x Painted Stork (hybrid) Many
18Oriental DarterMany
19Little Cormorant Many
20Great Cormorant Many
21Indian CormorantMany
22Spot-billed Pelican Many
23Yellow Bitten 6
24Grey Heron9
25Purple Heron7
26Great White Egret Many
27Intermediate Egret Many
28Little Egret Many
29Chinese Pond HeronMany
30Striated Heron Many
31Glossy Ibis20
32Black-headed Ibis30
33Grey-headed Fish-Eagle2
34Common Kingfisher2
35White-throated Kingfisher2
36Black-capped Kingfisher1
37Blue-tailed Bee-eater15
38Indochinese Roller4
39Rufous Woodpecker1
40Common Iora4
41Malaysian Pied-Fantail3
42Black Drongo 16
43Brown Shrike3
44Racket-tailed Treepie2
45Large-billed Crow7
46Plain Prinia4
47Barn SwallowMany
48Yellow-vented Bulbul Many
49Dusky Warbler3
50Pin-striped Tit-Babbler6
51White-shouldered Starling 15
52Common Myna25
53Great Myna15
54Oriental Magpie-Robin2
55Siberian Stonechat2
56Pied Bushchat 3
57Olive-backed Sunbird4
58Eurasian Tree Sparrow 20
59Eastern Yellow Wagtail3