As of November 1st 2021, Sam Veasna Conservation Tours Ltd. is happy to announce that we are now operating limited private tours with new conditions for visitors. 2021-22 has been a difficult year for everyone in the tourism and hospitality industry. However, we are now starting to glimpse a new horizon as we begin to see the tourism industry in Cambodia open up once again. Below are a number of FAQ’s that people wishing to book with SVC should know.


1) Which tours are operating as of November 1st 2021?

All private one day and half day tours operating around Siem Reap are available. This includes:

*Open today and the season to visit:

*Open for booking but not the season to visit:

We hope to be able to expand this list very soon.


2) Do customers need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 and have evidence showing they have been vaccinated?

Yes. All customers must have and show evidence that they have had two vaccinations shots.


3) What happens if I book a tours and either myself or someone in my group cannot prove that they have been vaccinated?

SVC have a responsibility to our staff and community partners to do as much as we can to provide safety from COVID-19. Therefore, SVC will implement a zero tolerance rule regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. If you cannot show that you or someone in your group has been vaccinated twice, SVC will not allow that person to join the tour. If this happens the day of the tour, SVC will not issue a refund.


4) Are all SVC guides and staff COVID-19 vaccinated?

Yes, all our staff have had at least two vaccinations of AstraZeneca or Sinovac.


5) What other rules will SVC implement regarding COVID-19 safety?

Pre-tour checks

  • SVC will check every customer to provide evidence of their COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • SVC will be using temperature checkers for each customer before the start of the tour. If customers are 37.8 degrees or over, SVC has the right to stop that customer from going on the tour.

During the tour

  • SVC will provide alcohol-based hand-wash or spray for customers to regularly wash their hands, especially when arriving and leaving a location or vehicle.
  • All customers must ware masks when in a car, enclosed spaces or in close range to community staff.


6) What if we book a tour weeks in advance but contract COVID-19 or show symptoms near the start date of the trip?

SVC can be flexible regarding refunds for trips based on this situation. You can either do the following:

A) Contact and reschedule your trip for another date. If you reschedule close (1-2 weeks) to the original date, we would have to ask for evidence of a negative PCR test.

B) Contact and ask for a refund. SVC is happy to provide a refund for your trip within the following conditions:

  • 2+ weeks notification: 90% refund
  • 14 to 3 days notification: 70% refund
  • 3-1 days notification: 50% refund
  • Under 24 hours from start time: 0% refund


7) What if we have booked a tour and COVID-19 national or provincial guidelines change in Cambodia that prevent me from going on my booked tour?

If you do not want to reschedule your tour, SVC will provide 100% refund.


8) What is the best way to stay informed on the latest updates and newly opened tours?

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