Biodiversity Survey and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Combining Khmer bird identification and surveying expertise with internationally renown ecological consultancy.

Biodiversity Surveys and EIA’s

Why are biodiversity surveys and EIA’s important in Cambodia?

Cambodia is a nation that is fast developing nationwide with multiple infrastructure projects designed to improve lives for the better. Cambodia is home to over 600 bird species. 27 are endangered with 10 species classified as critically endangered. Biodiversity surveys and EIA’s are critical assessments of areas for future development by identifying endangered bird and wildlife species and proposing action to projects to mitigate harm to biodiversity across Cambodia.
SVC Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment

SVC Guides and their expertise

SVC guides are a unique asset in Cambodia. All SVC’s guides are Cambodian and have a unique combination of world class bird identification skills and innate knowledge of local customs, culture and landscapes. This allows them to access any site in Cambodia with efficiency and speed as well as carry out bird identification and environmental assessments with a high degree of accuracy. With previous experience on Biodiversity Surveys and EIA with the Asian Development Bank and The World Bank, they are able to execute the methodologies and surveying techniques required for the majority of surveys.
SVC Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment

SVC biodiversity surveys and EIA’s service package

To make sure we are implementing the most appropriate methodologies for any given situation, SVC have partnered with two technical advisors with world class experience in ecological consultancies to analyse data and produce comprehensive technical findings and recommendations. Both partners, BiOME Consulting, a leading ecological consultancy from the UK and Dr Ross Sinclair, the former Country Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia Program, have worked hand-in-hand with SVC guides ensuring accurate data and timely survey reports for our clients.
SVC Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment

Our Partners

BiOME Consulting is a leading ecological consultancy, providing services to clients in the private, public and scientific sectors throughout the UK and internationally. BiOME actively promotes and supports individual research and projects that further our understanding of ecological processes, some of which strengthen our ability to quantify the impacts of developments on species and habitat communities at a local, regional, national and even international scale.


BiOME Consulting
Dr. Ross Sinclair has over 30-years of experience in policy, research, data collection and analysis, project management and implementation, and institutional governance in conservation, climate change and forestry in over a dozen countries in the Asia Pacific region. Highly developed analytical, communication and coordination skills, including working with and managing diverse teams across several languages, cultures and institutional arrangements. Proven track record working successfully in teams and building the capacity of local partners and team members.

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