1) Take your time – don’t rush. By walking slowly you will see more birds, especially the quiet or skulking ones.

2) Make sure to listen for birds calling. These records are as valuable as those of birds seen. Take time to follow up unfamiliar calls (never ignore them!).

3) Don’t just record the obvious species (e.g. large birds or birds that are calling vociferously). You should be aware that there will also be less-obvious species present, so look and listen carefully, and make sure to check all likely areas.

4) Be quiet. It lets you hear more birds and disturbs them less. However, talk in your normal voice. Never shout, and try not to whisper, as sibilant noises may disturb birds; many species use similar sounds to indicate alarm or aggression.

5) Avoid wearing bright clothing or clothing that rustles. Wear trainers or preferably walking boots. Walking books or willies are essential in the wet season.

6) No littering. As an ecotourism company, we always take away what we bring with us.

7) Always consult a SVC guide before straying off the path. Our guides know Cambodia’s birding sites like the back of their hand. Please always ask permission before venturing off-track so as not to accidentally disturb habitats of endangered species or waltz onto private property.

8) Have fun!