Cambodian Super Tour

21 days of unparalleled birding in Cambodia with an optional 3 day extension camping in Aural Mountain



21 (+3) Days




Peak season


Starting Point

Siem Reap

The now legendary SVC Birding Super Tour takes you to all the most important Cambodian bird sites, many in the WCS conservation areas where we work. This tour is a totally unique chance to see all of Cambodia’s critically endangered, endangered and endemic species and incredible diversity of habitats. The tour is limited to eight participants to ensure a high-quality and personal experience.

An optional 3 Day add-on covering the Aural Mountain Trek and camping to see the Laughingthrush. The Aural Mountains are Cambodia's highest peaks and this is a physically demanding 3 days.

This is a schedule tour, please register your interest to receive updates for when this tour will depart.

$5226 regular tour per person
$883 extension per person
$455 single supplement

What’s included?

Entry & admission fees
All entry and admission fees to parks.
Accommodation is provided at all of our sites.
Guide Fees
You will have a dedicated tour guide for the entire trip.
All Transport
All of your transport throughout the trip including transfers.
Water will be provided to you throughout the trip.
All Meals
You will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Reusable Bottle
SVC Refill not Landfill reusable water bottle for multi-day trips.
Conservation Contributions
SVC will contribute part of the trip cost towards conservation.
City Accommodation & Meals
Accommodation and dinner in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sen Monorum. SVC can organise this if requested.
Trip Insurance
It is strongly recommended that you travel with insurance.
A hand wash laundry service can be provided with additional charges, depending on availability.
Tip or gratuity
It is your own decision should you wish to tip staff.
Wifi not available outside of major cities and towns.


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Subject to change depending on seasons and personal requests

Locations you’ll visit

TitleAddress Description
Siem Reap
Pokambor Ave, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia
Prek Toul
Kaoh Chiveang, Cambodia
Poy Char, Cambodia
Bengal Florican Conservation Area
2FFP+6P Kamtrach, Cambodia
Pray Veng
WH73+PP Phumi Prey Vêng, Cambodia
Tmat Boey
XVFQ+F4 Tmat Paeuy, Cambodia
Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant
13.023114, 104.486768
Krong Kracheh, Cambodia
Keo Siema
83CM+RC Krong Saen Monourom, Cambodia
Dak Dam
Unnamed Road, Cambodia
Cambodian Tailorbird
Unnamed Road, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Pursat Grasslands
Krong Pursat, Cambodia
Bokor National Park
Unnamed Road, Cambodia
H5V7+MH Krong Kampot, Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Key Species

Pale-legged Leaf WarblerRufous-winged BuzzardGrey-headed Fish-EagleWhite-rumped Pygmy FalconLesser Adjutant


Deciduous dipterocarp forest with semi-evergreen forest patches.

Prek Toal

Key Species

Greater AdjutantLesser AdjutantMilky StorkGrey-headed Fish-EagleSpot-billed Pelican


Seasonally flooded forest and scrub. Open water retreats to reveal muddy lakeshore.

Ang Trapaeng Thmor (ATT)

Key Species

Sarus CraneMilky StorkGreater Adjutant


A large reservoir surrounded by rice paddies, with a range of grassland and sedge habitats on the northern edge, and a small area of degraded deciduous forest.

Bengal Florican Grasslands

Key Species

Bengal FloricanSarus CraneManchurian Reed-WarblerPied Harrier


Seasonally inundated outer-floodplain grassland with some small areas of scrub.

Prey Veng Village

Key Species

Giant IbisWhite-winged DuckSarus CraneGreat Slaty WoodpeckerBlack-headed WoodpeckerWhite-bellied WoodpeckerGrey-headed Fish-EagleRufous-winged BuzzardBrown PriniaWhite-rumped Pygmy FalconIndochinese Bushlark


Lowland deciduous dipterocarp forest, often mistakenly referred to as dry forest. Trapeangs dot the landscape and there is tall semi-evergreen forest in riverine areas.

Tmat Boey

Key Species

Giant IbisWhite-shouldered IbisPale-capped PigeonBlack-headed WoodpeckerGreat Slaty WoodpeckerBrown Prinia


Lowland deciduous dipterocarp forest, often mistakenly referred to as dry forest. Trapeangs dot the landscape and there are fairly extensive areas of bamboo in riverine areas.


Key Species

White-winged DuckBar-bellied PittaGreen PeafowlGreater AdjutantOriental Bay-OwlLesser Adjutant


DDF, Semi evergreen, evergreen, rivera and Trapeang.

Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant


Key Species

Mekong WagtailCambodian TailorbirdAsian Golden WeaverYellow-breasted Bunting


Large low-land river with small rocky islands covered in dense bush.

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

Key Species

Germain’s Peacock-PheasantGreen PeafowlGreat HornbillBar-bellied PittaBlue PittaRed-vented BarbetBlack-and-buff WoodpeckerGreat Slaty Woodpecker


Lowland evergreen forest on low hills. Some areas support large-stemmed bamboo species.

Cambodian Tailorbird Site

Key Species

Cambodian Tailorbird


Lowland scrub, rice paddies.

Pursat Grasslands

Key Species

Rufous-rumped Grass-babblerManchurian Reed-WarblerAsian Golden WeaverYellow-breasted Bunting


Seasonally flooded tall inner-floodplain grassland with some areas of scrub and agricultural land.

Bokor National Park

Key Species

Chestnut-headed PartridgeGreat HornbillBlue Pitta


Hill evergreen forest with stunted forest on the plateau.


Key Species

Eurasian Curlew


Salt pan areas, mangrove forest and coastline.

Things to note


4x4 Car

When to go

December – March, though different sites have somewhat differing seasonal highs for species and times can shift year on year.

Things to bring

  • Sun hat
  • Sun cream
  • Appropriate closed-toe shoes. Walking boots are best
  • Light clothing covering shoulders and knees- this is especially relevant when visiting temples and religious sites. Clothing should not be bright when birding
  • Insect repellent
  • Waterproof coat
  • Small denominations of money. This is especially relevant when entering Northern Cambodia. $20 is the maximum denomination of money that should be taken
  • Binoculars. SVC charge $5 per person per day to use our Swarovski Optik binoculars
  • Ear plugs are recommended for multi-day tours. The sound of nature at night in remote areas can be loud

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