Tours to see the Giant Ibis

Discover the Elusive Giant Ibis

The Giant Ibis is the national bird of Cambodia, and is considered the worlds most critically endangered bird. There are only a few locations in Cambodia where this bird can be seen. SVC along with IBIS Rice, WCS and local communities work together to preserve the nesting sites and habitats of the bird. 


Scientific Name: Pseudibis gigantea
IUCN Red List Classification: Critically Endangered
Estimated number: 194 (Number of Mature Individuals – Global)
January to April is the recommended time of the year to see this bird
It is recommended that you will need to allow 1-3 days to see this bird


Discover the Giant Ibis

Mainly found in the Northern Regions of Cambodia, the Giant Ibis prefers lowland areas, primarily made of marshes, flooded plains, lakes, pools and semi open forest.  

The eco-touisrm sites of Tmat Boey and Prey Veng village offer superb locations to find the Giant Ibis. Both sites are near protected nest locations offering the best possible opportunity to see the birds. 



  • Explore the remote forest and wild grasslands.
  • Find the national bird of Cambodia and critically endangered Giant Ibis.
  • Experience the daily village life of rural Cambodian farmers and learn more about how IBIS Rice is changing their livelihoods.
  • Visit temples hidden deep in ancient forests.

Giant Ibis Tours

Critical Cambodia

Six Critically endangered birds in 5 days.


From $2056USD

Essential Cambodia

Experience most of Cambodia’s special bird species in comfort.


From $2735USD

Remote Cambodian Nature & Culture Tour

Discover the nature and culture of Prey Veng village, the most remote tourist destination in Cambodia.

From $881USD

Cambodian Super Tour

21 days of unparalleled birding in Cambodia

From $5226USD

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